Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Me & My "Shadows"

We seem to live in a world in which almost everybody wants to be famous. That's about the only explanation that makes any sense out of the recent spate of so-called "reality" shows, talent contests and Jerry Springer-like clones. People from all walks of life want their moment "in the sun" and they'll try to finagle a way to get their cute little mug on camera by any means possible, be it for something positive OR negative.

I've never desired to be famous. I actually enjoy being just another anonymous face in the crowd. I can putter about my business in my own time on my own terms.

Over the past few days, however, I've seemed to have developed a following -- literally. It seems like every time I go anywhere in my truck, I soon find a member of the Aberdeen police department on my tail. They follow me for several blocks and, on several occasions, almost all the way home.

If I drive to the port, they follow me all over the place. If I'm just moseying around town -- like to the gas station or the store -- I have almost always had an "escort" for some of the time. Today, when I stopped at the bank, I came out to find one of my favorite unmarked cars waiting in the parking lot.

Maybe I'm just paranoid, but it does seem like everywhere I go these past few days, there they are.

In the end, it doesn't make that much difference. I'm not up to anything secretive. I'm not traveling to clandestine meetings. I'm just doing what I usually do each day with my little tag alongs tagging along behind.

So guys, if you want to keep playing this weird game, go ahead. After awhile, I think you're going to become very bored because I'm not headed any place special. I'm just making my rounds.


  1. Trey, if I were you I would document everything you experience. You ought to google "mind control harrassment" to learn a little of what other victims of this crap have experienced.

    If it gets really bad, don't be afraid to reach out to the ACLU, a therapist, and other folks who've experienced the same crap. It's not fun, but it can happen when you get the attention of the media for something that could actually change the world.


  2. One would think our great nation's law enforcement officials would be concerned with something more pressing---you know, like stopping terrorists or doing drug busts or even writing speeding tickets?

    More power to you, fellow rambler!

  3. Trey,

    Maybe these are the fruits of your volunteering to be a "police liaison" during the recent protests.

    I'm only half-kidding. You made yourself visible, an easy target. And with Homeland Security funds probably being delivered to law enforcement agencies that patrol port facilities, said agencies have to account for monies spent.

    "Shadowing" you is an easy way to do that and easy to document for reporting to Homeland Security overseers (I've used a term--"shadowing"--that your police chief actually used in a conversation with a local reporter).

    It's nothing personal. Nor will it be personal if or when a cop stops your vehicle, yanks you out of the car, beats you up, charges you with assault, throws you in jail, and then "disappears" you to a black site run by, well, maybe Blackwater.

    It's coming to this. In fact it's already arrived for some people, we may never know how many or whom.

    "Shadowing" indeed . . . shadows have fallen over this country. Too few have noticed, and even fewer have done anything about it.

    Thanks for your efforts here and in the streets to help enlighten us, my friend.

    Yours in Peace, Tenzing


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