Sunday, March 4, 2007

Who Opens This Stuff?

We all know how ubiquitous spam has become. I read somewhere recently that some experts believe that 90% or more of ALL email is unadulterated junk! I also realize that one of the reasons why spam proliferates is because it works often enough to make it worth someone's wile. But, for the life of me, what I can't figure out is: Who opens this stuff?

Who in their right mind would open an email with any of the following subject lines?
  • Cialis Cheap
  • She'll Love You More
  • URGENT from (some name you've never heard of)
  • Be Happy With It!
  • Microsoft Vista For Free
  • Sexy Girl Wait for you?
  • EMAIL NOTIFICATION!!! You Are Winner
  • Security Notice (from a bank you have no account with and, likely, have never heard of)
  • Re: your PHAIaaRMA
  • curmudgeonly ruffian
I'm sure each of you could add thousands more idiotic items to this list. We all receive them daily. (Fortunately, my spam software sends them immediately to my trash folder.)

But SOME people must be opening this crap. Why? Are their lives so empty that any email sent to them warrants a quick look and see?

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  1. I ask myself the exact same question: which idiot does this? It's those people who keep spam alive. I just can understand this ...

    Ok, if you're new to the internet and you recieve your first emails, and you happen to catch some spam, you're a little overwhelmed by this unknown thing, but I don't understand why it doesn't stop there? Ok if you read it then, but just press delete afterwards. It's the same with the Nigerian Scam, that was in the news some time ago: they managed to collect several millions of dollars, can you imagine this?? I can't ...

    Sad planet ...


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