Friday, March 2, 2007

What Would It Take?

On Thursday, several hundred people descended on the Washington State Capitol in Olympia for a rally and testimony before a state senate panel to plead with our elected representatives to pass a resolution calling for an investigation and possible impeachment of [p]Resident George W. Bush. In an article in the Olympian the today, Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown (Dem) said, "The resolutions are not likely to leave the Senate." Not only is Brown and many of her Democratic colleagues purposely dragging their feet, but Gov. Gregoire, Sen. Murray and Rep. Inslee have openly lobbied the Washington Senate to scuttle the resolution altogether.

Am I surprised? In a word, no.

Despite the predictions made by some in the press and a good many of my Democratic Party-leaning friends, the message that voters declared in the 2006 election -- that they are sick of the War in Iraq and the criminal Bush administration -- doesn't seem to be moving the Democratic Party majority into any type of definitive and positive action. Instead of working to bring US troops home and to hold the Bush administration accountable for their dastard actions, the Dems keep mouthing platitudes about bipartisanship and not desiring to sidetrack work on more important issues.

What could be more important than a US President who refuses to honor his oath of office and has consistently betrayed the U.S. Constitution?

This is the kind of question we need to put to our Congressional delegations. What would it take for each of them to feel impeachment proceedings against any president was warranted? I'm not asking for nebulous answers either. I want to know specifically what types of actions each believes would be so injurious to our nation that taking this drastic step was a foregone necessity.

And I submit that each of us should ask this question again and again until we receive substantive answers.

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  1. Amen! I think we've all heard or seen the humorous bumper stickers "someone give W a blow so we can impeach him" but I've never come across such a well positioned, logical explanation of the discrepancy and unwillingness to perform on the side of our newly appointed majority. Well put, thank you.


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