Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Consistently Inconsistent

One personality trait that many people value is consistency. I've noticed that a great number of people tend to confuse it with trustworthiness or dependability -- a person could easily be consistent and not be dependable nor trustworthy. In fact, in some instances, the fact that a certain person proved dependable or trustworthy might be a sign of utter inconsistency!

As a good Taoist, I've brought these two sides of the same coin together on this very blog. There are times I write in a great flurry; an entry posted almost everyday. There are other times, however, that my posts here are few and far between. At times, it might almost seem that I -- like many -- have abandoned my blog completely.

Needless to say, I am consistently inconsistent! Like the tides, my writing ebbs and flows. Right now, I'm at an ebb, but, one day, I'll again be in the flow.

The important thing for me is not to force the process -- I just let my river flow when and where it may.


  1. you can only write if you feel up to it. People tend to think that people who write on a blog have an infinite amount of inspiration, very annoying from time to time ...

    If I don't write for a week, people start to complain, while I have other obligations who are far more important than a simple blog ...

    Anyway, still drop by from time to time and love to read your blog, Trey (or Sean :) )

  2. I think it was Jiddu Krishnamurti who said intellectual consistency is folly because of the inherent limits of consciousness. I wish I could recall what he said better than that but it's been some time since I read him.


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