Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Everything is Political

I've been involved with alternative party politics for many years now -- I'm currently the State Treasurer of the Green Party of Washington State and used to serve in this same capacity for Oregon's Green Party. It always amazes me how far too many people believe they can divorce themselves from the realm of politics.

For them, "politics" is something that is external from themselves. It's the bastion of government and government officials. And, even more amazing, they genuinely believe politics has little, if any, influence on their daily lives.

Politics is nothing more than the set of power relationships that govern social interaction. There is political intrigue in every marriage or partnership. Children campaign their parents for reduced sanctions or increased privileges. Almost every job a person holds throughout their life involves political negotiations with their co-workers, bosses and competitors.

Even for the Taoist, politics intersects in our relationships with the Tao and nature. Every step we take to try to achieve balance involves relinquishing power or taking power. And that, my friends, is the very definition of politics.

The politics that involves governance is merely personal politics elevated to a larger scale. Because it affects masses of people, it dictates who controls of what kinds of decisions and this affects how we each view ourselves and how we routinely live.

Right now, the United States (most other nations too) govern in a very non-Taoist way. We are headed down a non-sustainable path and the notion of balance is nowhere to be found. I am both a political activist and Taoist because I want to see society move in a different direction -- one that honors our seventh generation as much as we value our own.


  1. Long time no see Trey!

    Flow in there (i dislike the western hang in there) and follow those dreams. In time with time politics will shift to face reality, expecially as more and more of us speak of peace.

    even if it is on the surfing wave of a receding glacier surge.

  2. Hey Trey,

    I follow Casey, long time no see :)

    In either way, the gap between politicians and civilians has never been so big as now, in Belgium.

    So no wonder, people will refrain from our political system and find new ways to express their situation and problems.

    As many people need the guidance of some higher power (god, government, ...), I can only fear what will happen if the major emptiness between both parties gets filled in by some other, maybe non-peace minded, organisation ...

  3. Please don't presume to speak for the Taoist - you are far from one. You attach yourself to the religion of Taoism to give yourself some credibility of having some sort of good nature, yet you divorce yourself of religion and state that you don't practice the "religious side of Tao".

    One time I challenged you to show me any reputable university in the USA that had Tao as something other than a religious study - as all the higher level universities do - but you never were able to.

    You are a product of your own imagination, of your own ego. Go ahead, call it what you wish. Heck - call your version of Tao appetizer or a leaf - you are free to call it whatever you want. But a Taoist would never identify themself with you.

    Politics? Heck, you're just another clog in the machine. You have no trade that can make you any decent amount of money, so you choose some looser political twig. How does it feel to be as old as you are - and a looser in life?

    Time will show the political party you support will go nowhere.

    Time will show I was right, and you were wrong.

    While you could have done something with your life, you choose some lame easy button. Now, in the autumn of your years, you see yourself as not accomplishing much, and your wife knows you're a failure - but she doesn't let on because she feels sorry for you - sort of like a dying rat.

    Carry on Trey - keep thinking you are doing something good. The mind is a powerful thing, and for your sake, I hope it can overpower the reality of your wasted life.

  4. JustDogPoop (a more accurate moniker),

    Your technique of trying to bait people doesn't work here anymore. So, go ahead and spew forth all the venom you like. The rest of us will simply ignore you.

  5. JustDogPoop,

    Just a thought (pun intended)

    If Trey is such a complete waste of an individual and is such a worthless person...why do you bother? If he's so pathetic, what's the attraction with trying to tear him down further. What does it matter if his wife thinks he's a pathetic loser (you should try using a spell-checker)....he's married...maybe you can say the same, but I doubt it.

    Another thing:

    You said...
    You attach yourself to the religion of Taoism to give yourself some credibility of having some sort of good nature, yet you divorce yourself of religion and state that you don't practice the "religious side of Tao".

    This is so ignorant, it's scarcely worth acknowledging as it is an obvious troll. You should read the Tao Te Ching. The only way to grasp Tao is to let go of it.

    Let it all go, JustADog, and you'll be so much happier.

  6. It's not only here that the disease is spreading, it's also on my blog too ...


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