Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Split Personality

In a manner of speaking, we all suffer from schizophrenia. Our personalities fragment into different people going different directions, often simultaneously! One moment we're a lover, the next the employee or employer. Amidst all this we are also the brother/sister, mother/father, child, and all other assorted roles and persons.

For much of the past year, I've been the blogger, The Rambling Taoist. Almost every day, I would spend at least 2-3 hours in this role, both reading blogs and writing here. It was the predominant part of my personality.

This has changed somewhat. This past weekend I was named the State Treasurer of the Green Party of Washington State. I'm also in negotiations with Oregon's Pacific Green Party to serve as their Interim Fundraising Coordinator (a position I've held twice before). Consequently, I've had less time to function in my role as a blogger.

For the next few weeks, I may not post as "religiously" as before. I need to spend time boning up on Washington's various laws and regulations pertaining to political parties. If I am selected to fundraise for Oregon's party, that will occupy a good portion of my time too.

Besides, I tend to write in spurts. There are weeks and months that I don't need to think much about what to write on any given day; the ideas spurt up on their own! At other times, the ideas seem to be on holiday. I'm learning to let the ideas themselves control when I write and when I don't.

As a Taoist, this is called going with the flow. Don't force the process through a manner of will. Practice wu wei and things will take care of themselves.


  1. I and many others will miss your frequent postings with insightful "ramblings".
    I wish you well in your exciting new efforts. How about letting us from across the continent what the Green Party of Washington State and the Pacific Green Party is all about? Assuming of course you find any time at all to get back here.

  2. we all suffer from schizophrenia

    Uh, speak for yourself old man - I'm quite normal and have no such sufferings.

    I checked your link for the Pacific Green Party. Still the same socialist Trey. At least you're a little consistent - well, one side of you that is (knowing now how you suffer from schizophrenia).

    BTW, which side of you believes you are a Taoist? BTW - I too am Tao! Cool, huh? I have never felt such harmony with the Tao as I do now. I saw sign language in the dark - the mystery is that it works!

    Now I'm sure, as you too believe in the Tao, you would not dare judge me - right brother?

  3. The last two paras made a lot of sense to me.

    Also, maybe in your green party role there will come a time for you to employ some of your blogging skills in the political sphere.


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