Monday, March 13, 2006

Growing in Tao

The Taoist Links in my right side bar have been growing lately. It's wonderful to see so many Taoists embracing the medium of blogging to help present a different and needed perspective on the world we live in. So many of our fellow citizens in the western world have grown to feel like something is missing in modern society -- an estrangement from themselves and nature -- that many actively are seeking a different way to approach our individual and collective lives.

Because Taoism stresses the inherency of each person following their own particular path -- that no one path is THE universal be-all path for anyone else -- I feel privileged to offer RT readers the opportunity to gain inspiration and insight from voices other than my own. My truth is no more true than any other.

If this is your first visit to The Rambling Taoist and you want to learn more about the philosophical Taoist perspective, I urge you to visit as many of the Taoist links listed in the right side bar as time permits. I visit most of them daily myself.

And I want to extend a warm invitation to anyone who knows of other Taoist-based blogs to please share them in the comments section. The more voices we can add, the richer the experience can be for all of us.

[Note: My general rule for adding blog links to the right side bar is that the blog be updated at least once or twice each week. I know that, for me, it's often frustrating to select a link that takes me to a blog that shows the same lead entry week after week.]


  1. Trey:

    Yours is a calm but powerful voice in the blogging community, and we applaud your continuing efforts to bring sanity and balance to an increasingly insane and out-of-balance world.

    Thanks for being here.

  2.'s this for a thought:

    The internet is so appealing for discussing Tao because the internet is much like Tao!

    You can't "grasp" the can't tell someone what the actual "form" of the internet looks is like "the Force" in star wars, the existence of sites makes it what it is..but no one site is the entirety of it.

    Kinda neat ;-)

  3. Trey,

    admit it, you're just one mean posting-machine :D
    No, seriously, I'm glad that you update your site and your links so frequently, gives us a new thing every day :)

  4. Floundericiousmi: That's a great example! You could expand on the idea and write about it on your blog (which you haven't updated for quite some time).


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