Saturday, March 25, 2006

Democracy Ain't Always Pretty

The Bush administration and pro-war conservative Christians must really be feeling a bit bewildered by now. We go to Afghanistan to liberate "the people" from the Taliban and yet we recently learned that a Christian-convert is facing the death penalty for denying Islam. We go to Iraq to liberate "the people" from Saddam Hussein and the people, in turn, don't vote for the US-backed candidates. We try to affect "democracy" for the people of Palestine and they overwhelmingly vote for Hamas.

What so many conservatives fail to comprehend is that democracy can be a bitch. When people are afforded the opportunity to make choices, said choices won't always be what particular people may prefer.

If you truly believe in democratic principles, you've got to accept this fact.


  1. Yeah... true that...

    I think that's what Ariel Sharon was up to, leaving the Gaza strip... leave them to their own devices.

    Now that the U.S. set everybody up to go ahead and have a country, (horribly phrased so don't hang up...) we might be wise to leave them to their own devices; for wisdom or folly, perhaps lessons will be learned...

  2. Hi Trey,

    Let's face it, the west is only really there for the oil. We should reduce our dependency on that. Then we wouldn't need to keeping stirring up the Middle East and we could leave them to make their own destiny, free of our greedy meddling.


  3. I suspect on one level they've been bewildered all along, but till now they've been able to hide it.


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