Saturday, February 11, 2006

Yes, My Dear, It's Global Warming

While many in the Bush Administration and the corporate halls of power continue to dispute the fact of global warming and its adverse effects on our planet, Mother Earth is showing definite signs that she grasps the reality of the situation. People all over the world are witnessing said effects this winter.

Over at The Anthropik Network, there's a great post that discusses current weather patterns and their connection to the warming of our orb.
It's been an unseasonably warm winter so far, including the warmest January on record. According to NOAA's report, this past month saw "an average temperature of 39.5 degrees F, which is 8.5 degrees F (4.7 degrees C) above the 1895-2005 mean of 31.0 degrees F." Nor is this merely a stateside phenomenon; the Aussies are reporting the same thing down under.

At the same time, Europeans are dying from the cold. The reasons for such enormous variability, from record highs to lethal cold, is not exactly mysterious--even a layman like myself was able to predict Europe's temperatures, back in September. Europe's lethal cold and last year's hurricanes are both part of the same phenomenon: the extinction of the Gulf Stream. Even that is a mere sideshow to the much bigger problem of global warming.

To review what I wrote last September:
Interested in knowing what was predicted last Fall. If so, use the link above to discover the answer.

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