Friday, January 27, 2006

Stealing YOUR Vote

Every election season US citizens are encouraged to vote. Hey, it's our patriotic duty, you know. Yet, there is mounting evidence that our votes -- yours and mine -- are not secure AND, if any of us happen not to be a Republican voter, many such votes are not being counted or they are being switched.

Here's an excerpt from an Alternet interview with Mark Crispin Miller, author of the new book, "Fooled Again: How the Right Stole the 2004 Election & Why They'll Steal the Next One Too".
In New Mexico, for example, we're told that Bush won by some 7,000 votes. We know of over 17,000 Democratic voters who were unable to cast a vote for president because the touchscreen machines in their districts refused to record a vote for president.

These 17,000-plus New Mexicans turned out to vote in Democratic areas, and they didn't record a vote for president. Seventeen thousand is 10,000 more than 7,000. That glitch alone can account for the ostensible victory margin of Bush over Kerry in New Mexico. Greg Palast's new book will have a whole chapter on New Mexico. It's hair-raising stuff, and we haven't heard a word about it. The same kind of thing happened in Iowa, where Bush supposedly won by under 10,000 votes.

Tom Daschle was supposedly beaten in South Dakota by 4,500 votes. There was so much chicanery going on there, that it's easy to argue that John Thunes should not have won. I know Daschle believes he was robbed.

This isn't only a matter of the White House, it's also a matter of the Congress. I don't believe that this government represents the people of this country. The people of this country, however frightened some of them may be by terrorism, are essentially not theocratically inclined. They don't want a Christian republic. They were not happy with the way the government dealt with the Terry Schiavo case. Americans basically believe in the American system of government. Checks and balances, the separation of church and state.

The press kept telling us after the election that a huge outpouring of religious voters account for Bush's miraculous victory. Well that's nothing more than a talking point that the religious right itself put out after the election. There is no statistical evidence whatsoever that there was any increase in the number of religious voters.
Damn scary stuff, if you ask me.


  1. Then I'm sure you will be the first to support a national, verifiable ID card to ensure each vote is legal, and each voter is legal.

    Ah - now how did I know you would be against that?

  2. As usual, you are offering a solution that doesn't address the problem. The problem is in tabulating the votes, not who is casting them.

    I'd also like to note that you are again availing yourself of a right not enjoyed on your blog -- the ability to leave whatever comment you like. Folks, wouldn't it be great if ANYONE could leave a comment on Where's Your Brain? without fear that it would be deleted or edited? Alas, that day will probably never come!

  3. yes! an ID card, so everyone will know exactly whose vote is being hacked in favor of the gop candidate.

    excellent suggestion.

  4. Ignorance breeds fears, and you folk are truely fearful - of nothing.

    As far as posting at my site, I had returned it to totally open months ago. I find that liberals and socialists can do far better at destroying themselves than I can.

    And Trey, do remember I can easily track your IP address, system OS, browser, etc. so if you do post you really don't have to do so under anonymous or some other name. No matter how much you claim it isn't so, the IP's don't like - like you do.

  5. JustaDog wrote, "As far as posting at my site, I had returned it to totally open months ago".

    As is your penchant, the above statement is ONLY partially true. While people can now leave comments without fear of deletion, you continue to edit people's comments so that their remarks change in tenor or meaning. I have decided not to visit your blog anymore because it is both vulgar in tone and not run in a TRULY open and honest manner.


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