Friday, December 16, 2005

Starting From Scratch

I've been in my new home in Aberdeen for a week now. Besides all the time needed to unpack boxes and get our family situated, I've spent a good deal of time looking for area progressive groups to plug in to. Thus far, I haven't found much.

The ACLU of Washington site indicates that there's a chapter in this county, but neither of the two emails I've sent have netted a response. The Washington Green Party contact for Aberdeen has a disconnected phone number and a bouncing email address (though I have made contact with the state office in Seattle). I have found no indications that there are any environmental, peace, and/or social justice organizations here.

In fact, the only two groups that might be considered a tad progressive are the Grays Harbor Habitat for Humanity and the Grays Harbor Audubon Society.

So, I guess my wife & I are going to have to create some of these local organizations from scratch. That's not necessarily a bad thing, it just means committing to a lot more work. It's almost always easier to join a going concern than it is to create and organize one.

Every community needs a radical left presence. We're here, so we will be THAT presence in Grays Harbor County.


  1. Trey:

    Salem's loss is NW Washington state's gain. Good luck to you and your other half. I hope neither one of you suffers from SAD - hard to believe, but I think you've found an even greyer/wetter place than the Willamette Valley!

  2. Yes, much greyer AND wetter. The Aberdeen area averages about 80" of precip per year!

  3. Hi! There is one progessive organization, or at least a local bit of it...the buddhist group, SGI-USA! (see and actually had a meeting today in Hoquiam! There are only a few members in the Grays Harbor area. Currently in Grays Harbor our meetings are specifically about and for our form of Buddhism, but definately we'd be interested in collaborating in some way. I don't have a blogger account, but you can email me at publicyuri at Thanks! Yuri


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