Sunday, December 18, 2005

Setting a Bad Example

The media and blogosphere are alive with reports and commentary about Dubya's admission that he secretly authorized domestic spying on American citizens WITHOUT seeking approval through the judicial system, as required by law. While this certainly raises a great deal of legal and ethical issues, my chief concern is the type of message being carried to today's youth.

More often than not, adult behavior has a greater impact on developing minds than what adults say to children. The parent who screams at his/her children for abusing drugs, while concurrently self-medicating themselves through drugs and/or alcohol, generally has a great problem having their message heard (due to the obvious double-standard).

In this same vein, today's youth are learning about America's system of democracy from a president who is openly skirting and/or defying U.S. law. I fear the central message being imparted is that as long as you are in charge or on top, you can do what you damn well want. If the law isn't on your side, break it. If you run afoul of general ethics, screw 'em.

Of course, we can't lay the complete blame on our current [P]resident. He didn't invent this system. Corporate America has been playing this same tune for generations.

Mr. Bush needs to be held accountable as do countless multinational corporations. If not, we are setting the stage for a ruthless and lawless future as today's children grow into tomorrow's ethically-challenged leaders.

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