Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Burning Bush

I think our current president is an imbecile. From my perspective, he acts lost and confused every time he's on camera. But there are those who contend that Mr. Bush is a smart guy! They say, "Look at his family, his Ivy League education and, well, you can't become president if you're a dummy."

His supporters should adopt my assessment because, if he is as bright as they say, then he's a master deceiver and manipulator!! If he's a brainiac, then he should have KNOWN about the potentiality for Hurricane Katrina and 9/11.

As William Rivers Pitt reports today at,
"Here's the thing, though. Katrina was the single most anticipated natural disaster in the history of the country. Report after report, study after study, everything and everyone for years and years said that a hurricane making a direct hit upon New Orleans would flood the city out of existence and kill a lot of people. The National Weather Service dipped into dire poetics to try to warn all of officialdom that the ram was coming. Yet despite all this, the catastrophe happened anyway.

"...No one could have anticipated an attack like this," right? Nonsense. Just as with the hurricane, the warnings were there but the disaster happened anyway. The attacks became enveloped in this asinine mysticism, as if they were magic, as if they were some kind of unstoppable bolt from Heaven itself. This was politically expedient, and was also the product of a stunned populace that didn't want to even begin to consider the possibility that their leadership could screw up so catastrophically. In fact, the attacks had been anticipated, feared, described before they ever happened, and warned against. The attacks should have been stopped, should never have happened in the first place. Such is the only available conclusion to be reached once the mystical nonsense is ripped away."
I encourage you to use the link provided to read his entire column.

Is W stupid or brilliant? As it stands today, the only defense that could save him is the former.

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  1. Look for some more classic Bushisms tomorrow night as he interrupts prime-time network programming to give us Roveian spin on the disaster and its aftermath. Should be good fodder for the Friday late-night monologues and Sunday talk-fests.

    Oh, by the way, Mr. President, what's happening these days in Iraq??


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