Sunday, August 7, 2005

What If...

What if there was some kind of strange cosmic force that caused ALL the computers on Planet Earth to go blank? All numbers would revert to zero. All names, addresses, gender demarcations and every other bit of collected information would no longer exist. What would happen to life as we know it?

For starters, [P]resident Bush would go on national television to declare the U.S. had incontrovertible evidence that this was the work of Islamic terrorists. People in the Islamic world would immediately be told that this was the work of the U.S. and England. Everyone would have their pet theories.

But beyond trying to figure who was to blame, the world would be thrown into utter chaos. Wealth would virtually disappear. The various stock markets would all crash. There would be little distinction between the haves and the have nots.

From a individual standpoint, a lot of people would lose their self-identity. Too often people are classified and treated in particular ways based on their perceived wealth. If all this wealth suddenly vanished, a lot of people wouldn't know who they really are.

Communications -- both military and non-military -- would be in shambles. Everything that we know to be true in our civilized western world would be effected.

The one group of people who would be LEAST effected are those who live in the so-called Third World. Most of their lives aren't dependent on computers and microfiche. While we Americans would be dealing with a horrific collective shock, peasants in Central America or rural Vietnam would go on with life as usual.

This latter fact says a lot about current western society.


  1. Dear Friends,

    The following information is of profound importance and great power to move our society and the entire world towards greater peace and well-being for all people.
    Please carefully read and then share the following essay with everyone you possibly can, including friends, private individuals, internet groups, church groups, talk radio hosts, local community, and any other ways you can, in order to spread this message far and wide.
    The following essay was taken from the two web-logs of Les Visible, which can be found at:

    Visible Origami:

    Smoking Mirrors:

    Part One:
    Okay, here it is. I am going to speak as if you know these things because if you have any respect for the truth; if you are yourself truthful, then you know lies when you hear them. When you take into consideration the types of men and women telling them you can pretty much assume they lie every time they open their mouth.

    Certain things were set in place prior to the 2000 election. The geo-political strategists on the right, the neo-cons and elements of market forces have focused on one priority; gaining control of the oil that allows for a continuation of all that is absurd in first world western culture. Many studies were undertaken concerning long term actions; even collateral damage; the deaths of innocent people and the ruin of other cultures to the benefit of venal interests were charted and diagrammed in the usual bean counting, numbers crunching methodology of the actuaries.

    Bushligula was groomed to be an automaton empty suit and mouthpiece for global corporate interests manifesting in the philosophy of real politick. People you may have assumed to be out of the loop have been major players behind the scenes all along; Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Mellon-Sciafe and others.

    In the process of moving from 2000 to the present, these people have suborned the election process, orchestrated the 9/11 attack, made war without provocation and worked to insure the protection of special interests against the needs of the people as a whole. Anyone who has the least interest can study all of these situations and see that these things did take place and that they are a part of a longer agenda that involves conditions set to cause violent transformations to reshape the world to the wishes of and profit of the few at the expense of the many. All of these things are prima facie; they don’t even require a closer look. What a closer looks reveals are more ongoing connections showing the same thing seen on the surface.

    The media is the mouthpiece for global corporate interests and also conspires to present misdirection and confusion in order to set the stage for each action justified by false evidence. Phony terror alerts are used to generate tension and fear. They are also generated to justify increasing control of the populace for their own good. Boogeymen like the long deceased Bin Laden and present catchall Al Zarqawi are used as poster boys to create an atmosphere of terror conspiracy. Terms like Al Qaeda in Iraq are created to give the impression that there is a wide organized terror movement directed at the west.

    Efforts are under way now to arrange for the bombing of Iran and Syria. Unfortunately for certain interests and their pressure to manipulate the puppet regime in Iraq to declare war on their own, or the outright attack by concerned forces, it so happens that Russia owns the nuclear technology and infrastructure in Iran. Russia won’t like their hardware bombed. It requires another approach to provide the imperative for doing it. Therefore an attack on American interests, possibly an American or allied ship in The Gulf or any of a number of similar scenarios must be arranged and blame placed upon Iran. There are several others activities afoot; things that concern oil in former Russian satellites but I’m not going to wade through minutiae. These people are serious and they don’t care what you think or how it affects you. Of course the opium is now flowing freely from Afghanistan and Papa Bush couldn’t be happier. This is one of his special interests. People who have investigated these things will know just what I am talking about.

    What can we do? How can we as a people in any country have an impact on what is taking place? We have already seen that the ballot box is hardwired to software that is manipulated by those administering it. We know that the media is a house pet of special interest. We know that both houses of Congress are in the hands of badly intentioned peoples whose sole loyalty is to the corporations that make their place in government possible. And they have all the guns.

    Thomas Jefferson had some things to say about our rights to revolution when fascist collectives have taken over the political process. We are within our rights to go to war against them but we haven’t got the arsenal or the podium if we were to war in ideas and words.

    I do not believe that a majority of the people in America support anything this administration is up to. Whatever the polls say I think you can assume, given who is taking the polls that they are well off of what public opinion actually is. More than enough of us exist to take an action that will compel these people to leave office. More than enough of us exist to force impeachment and drive these criminals from office in the next election. Unfortunately a large percentage of the Democrats are just as bad because of their cowardice and inability to see honor and duty as basic impulses.

    Consider what it is that has made it possible for bushjunta to come to power and remain in power. Where does the whole thing begin? It begins with corporate interests. Where does corporate interest get its power? It gets it from the profits generated by its products. How does it make its products known to you? It does this through advertising. Where does it advertise? In the media. Think.

    Think, think… think. Alright then.

    Now I will admit I am just another voice crying in the wilderness but there are a lot of voices out there. There are also large organizations with a large membership. Collectively you are talking about reaching millions if you can reach them. Coordinating the voices in the wilderness to embracing what I am talking about (or will be talking about) can set off in a chain reaction that will have more impact than anything else we can do. We as a people must go after the corporations. We must surely single out certain corporations in the beginning and collectively agree not to buy any product they make until they join us in calling for the ouster of this administration. If everyone stops drinking Coca Cola there will be screams of outrage.

    We don’t have to have guns and we don’t have to vote. All we have to do is focus on corporations like Wal-Mart and others and hurt their bottom line. They don’t even have to be directly involved in the tragedies taking place. They just have to scream when they lose money.

    This is Part One in which I am giving the basic play and general strategy. Tomorrow I will become more specific and also talk about related ideas. I am not in possession of the detailed information some of you have. I am not connected like some of you are, but we are all connected to each other. If you will tell everyone you know about this idea and ask them to do the same. If you will send this out to any groups you may know. If you would like to link up in a banner campaign that might say something like, “Stop the Money and Stop the War.” Please do so. We as a people are not powerless. We can make a difference. We just need to know where to put our focus. If we start costing the corporations money then they will have no choice. They don’t care about Bush or Iraq except where they make money. If having bush and his collection of highwaymen in office costs them money then its goodbye guaranteed. We have an enormous power to launch an information campaign across the internet. If people like and others can get involved, the machine media will have to take notice.

    When this idea gains some speed and is tailored by those with more talent and ideas than I have you will find that on every campus in America students will respond. Professionals at all levels will respond. Church groups will respond. Everyone who doesn’t like the way things are will respond except for those who are apathetic.

    So please think about this core idea. It’s just an idea right now and it should be considered by wiser minds than I. No one is really inconvenienced by refusing to purchase the products of certain corporations… but they will be. Let’s hit them where it hurts, in their pockets...Maybe this will get legs and that would be good.
    Part Two
    I am a great admirer of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. The results of their efforts are recorded in history. I have no illusions about my own abilities compared to theirs but I know that an exponential force manifests when we collectively set our thoughts upon a common goal and that is what I intend. It may be that the right person with the right tools and information will read this and take it in under their arm. It may be someone hears a voice in the wind. It may be that several of us are working on the first car at different point around the world at the same time. It doesn’t matter how it comes to happen or who gets credit. What matters is that it happens.
    Presently, the shadow that has stretched across the world is getting thin. Support is going south. Evidence of malfeasance and all manner of bad behavior is surfacing. It may be that even while we talk of these things that their ruin is before them. As ever, in this world or Middle Earth, the shadow reforms itself somewhere else. It is a part of the drama of our lives, all of our lives recurrent. It is a critical part of the battle of the human spirit against repression and enslavement. It is the principle purpose for why we are here; to discover what we are made of under the testing of adversity. It is not a matter of whether we appear to have won or not. It is a matter of what we grew into as a result of soil conditions and our responses to them.
    Here is a critical point that speaks to why I think it can be an act of magic to come forth from a small personal space and believe that ones small efforts might have an impact such as one witnesses when a stone is thrown upon the surface of a still lake. I give you for example the stock market. The stock market is so much smoke and mirrors. It exists because people believe in it. How often have we seen something called ‘investor confidence’ slip and the value of stocks plummet? Nothing really changed about their value. It was the perception of their value that changed. So if thousands, millions of us say, “Bullshit.” every time rumsfield, cheney, rice, or bush opens their mouths, we affect the perception of confidence. This is especially so when you are dealing with ‘con’fidence artists. If, whenever we see ads for products that we have targeted in a particular regard, we say “Bullshit.” that energy goes into that products confidence rating; in the world pool, in the minds of the manufacturers, and in the minds of the workpeople who produce it.
    I am talking about mantra-work just as potent as that used by an informed yogic mind in its application. I am talking about the David and Goliath scenario. If a large collection of informed humanity says, “Lies.” every time a Fox newscaster or interview programmer speaks, it gets to them. If, in every conversation regarding the spread of disinformation and lies, we say, “No, I don’t believe that is the way it is. I believe they are lying.” Then their power to continue in the lie is diminished.
    The power of the stock market comes from the collective belief of everyone connected to it. Quite often, groups and individuals manipulate information that drives the value of stock down just so they can buy it more cheaply. Sometimes they drive it up to sell it at a better price before it drops to a more realistic level. Many forms of chicanery take place there every day.
    So it may not be about corporations specifically here. I was using that as an example and hoping it would trigger alternate ideas in the reader. It did in fact; mostly though I am trying to point out that we are not helpless; even if the ballot box is rigged, even if the media casts a spell of fantasy across the land. Whatever is engineered on wide levels is quite often a mile wide and an inch deep. Gandhi was able to shut down The Raj. We can shut down The Raj too. They manipulate belief systems by appealing to the fears of the masses, by setting one segment of the masses against the other. Even those who support them will step away when the lies are continuously exposed. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.
    So maybe what I am saying is let us turn our confidence to our own sense of what is right within and look upon these manipulators, liars, and mass murderers as clowns in baggy pants with big red noses. Let us collectively laugh when bush postures as if he were the position he temporarily occupies. Dressing someone up in a sailor suit doesn’t make them a sailor. Putting someone in charge of a piece of machinery does not transfer competence in its use. Today, all of these people are scrambling and fumbling and getting caught out as they paint circumstances other than our perceptions tell us they are. They are making themselves ridiculous, and we must push it even further into the absurd.
    The largest aggregate of scandal and evil doing in the nations history is about to become unraveled and exposed, and we need to push and support this. If some large organization were to take on corporations then that is good, as they can push very hard when their interests are threatened.
    Now more and more it is becoming evident that 9/11 was an 'Inside Job'. Daily, people are coming forth. People who served in the administration at high positions are coming forth and saying that the official explanation is a thin tissue of lies. When some of us were pointing this out shortly after the event occurred we were sneered at and marginalized. When I came forward and said there were no WMD’s at the outset of the war, and maintained a daily count for half a year. I was called a fool. But we see now. Truth is self evident to those for whom the truth is important. Patriotism was whipped up, boogeymen were created; ‘all lies all the time’ was the media clarion call. We see now how great those lies are. We do not see entirely how great those lies are yet but we will. When people die abroad at the hands of a government that we support, then we have blood on our hands. Let us see that we do not have blood on our hands.
    It is one thing for a realized yogi to sit by the banks of the Ganges and reflect upon the ongoing farce of the absurd. No doubt such souls do great good in their reflections and in the end, life goes as it goes. Still, we are each of us responsible, and “no man is an island” even if “they also serve who only stand and wait”.
    Tomorrow or the next day I will be back musing by the riverbank. Today I only want to say, let us all, however we might, endeavor to see through the smoke and the mirrors and recognize the shape-shifting nature of those who would shape the world to their own dark ends. I realize that God is intricately woven through circumstance and event. I realize it is under control. I also realize that we are God’s hands. God lives in us and moves through us if we will. The greater our awareness of the forces at work, the greater our impact on the perception of their validity. We are God’s greatest tools.
    I feel the sweeping power of the awakening heart moving across the lands. I believe we are going to see some amazing things in the not too distant future, even if the only place we ever do see it is in the present.
    Please note that the Captain has turned on the ‘Fasten seatbelts’ light.

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