Sunday, August 21, 2005

W, Iraq & the 10 C's

The man who occupies the White House has often alluded to the fact that he takes much of his marching orders from the “man upstairs”. This got me to wondering – If there IS a man upstairs, what must he be thinking about now? Is he smiling uncontrollably or is he shaking his head in disbelief?

If I were to venture a guess, I would say he’s probably doing the latter. If he used the 10 Commandments as a proof against the war, I don’t think he’d ANY checkmarks.

For starters, I don’t think he’d feel comfortable granting a passing score for “You shall have no other Gods before me.” Money and oil are among the reasons for our current escapade in Iraq. When a person makes decisions based on trying to accumulate more money and power, it would seem that God has been moved from the co-pilot’s seat to the cargo hold.

Because Dubya has invoked the Lord’s name as one of the prime motivations for attacking a sovereign nation which posed no threat to our nation, I think this would count as taking the Lord’s name in vain. So again, no checkmark.

Mr. Bush will soon set a record for the most day’s a US President has been on vacation. The 4th Commandment stipulates that all work should be performed during the first 6 days of the week and that the Sabbath should be your day off. I don’t think it should count IF a person treats all days like the Sabbath! No checkmark here either.

The 1st President Bush decided NOT to commit troops to a long ground war in Iraq because he believed it would lead to a prolonged occupation – history has proved him correct. His son, unfortunately, has chosen NOT to heed the wise example of his father. Therefore, it appears that Dubya has not honored his father and so loses another chance for a checkmark.

I know there are many different interpretations for the 6th Commandment’s prohibition against killing. Still, when a person gives orders and innocent people wind up dead, it would seem readily apparent that such action violates this prohibition. Alas, another potential checkmark bites the dust.

Since one of the reasons we’re occupying Iraq today concerns the fact that several US petroleum companies have long coveted Iraqi oil fields, this would indicate violations of Commandments 8 & 10 (i.e., stealing and coveting). That’s two more checkmarks that will fall to the wayside.

Finally, since every justification for this “war” has turned out to be untrue, the Bush administration certainly is guilty of bearing false witness. This means the last possible opportunity for a checkmark has been swept aside.

In essence, Dubya comes up with a big donut. Nary a checkmark on his ledger. The man upstairs must be scratching his head.


  1. I thought you had an understanding of Christianity and the Bible, but it appears that I was wrong. Johm 13:34; "A new commandment I give to you that you love one another, even as I have loved you , that you also love one another". As you can see, that when Christ came to earth, the old Testament was swept away and the new put in place with the Christ.
    The war is about oil, the free flow of oil. So the question I ask, do you like your job. Because without the free flow of oil, we would be in a world wide depression. Think about that one.
    If you read the 9-11 commission and the public law authorizing the use of force against Iraq, there was enough evidence for use of force that the lawyers in the Senate and House voted to support the making of the law. A prudent commander would not wait until attacked to prove beyond a shadow of doubt, of the enemies intentions. Look at WW II and the Philippines. FDR left over 200,000 troops trapped in the commonwealth, because they were expendable in the national strategy. If he had been a prudent commander, he would probably not have left all those men and women to suffer and die.
    And finally, the Bush Lied strategy. It is a tired and worn out strategy. How about evidence other than shouting Bush Lied until you are horse from yelling it. This post is nothing but pandering to the base and does nothing to present a viable arguement in the national debate.
    A better discussion would be about how should we deal with illegal immigration. Do we have militants living in our country or the open border which allows the militants in our country. How about Portland's and Oregon's immigration policy which makes Portland an exploitable target or a base to run operations out of because the city and state government will not search for illegal aliens. These same illegal aliens who may be in the country to attack our country. How about a plan to deal with radical Muslim Clerics in our country, shall we deport them like Great Britian?
    Instead, we get Bush Lied. Oh well, better luck on the next post.

  2. The Rambling Taoist is nothing more than a SE KS commie looking for a place that well accept him!

    Kids the bottom line is this watch out for the Chinese. We spend lives, resources and money fighting a war that has not justification. But, hey, look at the Chinese--locking up contracts for oil with other countries, and they are even trying to buy a few oil companies while they do it.

    I know you Oregonians all love you Nikes, but face the facts: the Chinese are gearing up with with industry, oil and a strong military. The sun sets off your fine coast, but it most certainly is rising in the East.

    Go, Pitt

  3. Dear Anonymous (actually a certain Kansas lawyer),
    I want weekly reports of this year's Pitt State games!!!

  4. "The war is about oil, the free flow of oil. So the question I ask, do you like your job. Because without the free flow of oil, we would be in a world wide depression. Think about that one."

    What does all this have to do with oil and Halliburton making millions on war profiteering? I'm havin' a hard time feeling any love from these people.


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