Thursday, August 18, 2005

There's More Than One Way to Skin a

As mentioned in my previous entry, it seems I've been a bad boy. The host of the blog Where's your Brain? has banned my IP address so I can no longer leave rational comments on her irrational blog. Yesterday, however, I left a whole slew of comments. You see, there are several easy ways to get around an IP address ban.

Of course, I KNEW my comments wouldn't last long. As soon as dog breath discovered I had returned, it/she/he would go into a tizzy and delete them all. This has indeed occurred. In fact, the canine wonder has gone one step further -- it/she/he has removed all the previous comments logged in on blogger! I'm beginning to wonder if JustaDog might really be George Bush in disguise!!

I think one comment I left yesterday served as the trigger point for the massive deletions. Since you can't read it any longer on Where's Your Brain?, I'll share it with you here on my blog.
[You better read this quick. Our host will delete it soon.] I have NEVER left an anonymous comment on this blog!! In fact, I don't think I've ever left an anonymous comment on ANY blog. I see no reason to. I'm comfortable with my opinions and I believe it's important for people to know who is saying (writing) what.

In a way, this situation is VERY ironic. I use my name. Our host hides behind a nondescript moniker. My blogger profile indicates my age, gender, occupation and city. JustaDog ONLY lists her city, while hiding her age, gender and occupation.

Since you know my name, it's easy to surf the web to find out more about me. You can visit (where I am a regular contributor). If you select my profile, you can see a picture of me and learn a little about my activities for the past decade. If you perform a Google search and type in "Trey Smith Oregon", you can find out even MORE about me.

It's impossible to find out much of ANYTHING about our host because she doesn't use her REAL name. A google search for "JustaDog" won't net you any pertinent information.

For the past several months I have OPENLY posted my opinions here via comments. I've been very specific and direct. Yet, all of a sudden, our [anonymous] host would have you believe that I'm also posting while hiding my identity. If I was so concerned about my identity, why would I have posted here for months using my name?

It doesn't make sense. And that's the key. JustaDog rarely makes sense.

So there you have it. Who is the secretive one? Trey Smith who posts his opinions under his name or a person who lobs vile attacks and calls people names but HIDES HER IDENTITY EVERY SINGLE TIME. You be the judge.
Just one other note. I continue to allow comments from any person. Unlike SOME people, I'm not afraid of robust discussion. You can agree or disagree with anything I write and you can post anonymously without fear of reprisal.

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