Thursday, July 14, 2005

One Example of Why They Hate US

If you listen to the rabid conservatives, the reason why some Iraqis and all zealot Muslims hate the United States is because of our freedom. If you believe this, then you should check out Brian Cloughley's report, "Cold Blooded Murders in Iraq" at CounterPunch.
"The news about the ambassador of Iraq to the UN revealing that US Marines murdered his cousin on June 25 has been swamped by cover of the terrorist bombings in London. The scale of the atrocities cannot be compared, but the moral difference is that the bombings were carried out by demented criminals while the murder was committed by people in uniform who are supposed to be exercising, abiding by, and illustrating by personal example, the laws of democratic societies...

"Nobody knows how many of these atrocities are committed, because the people killed are not cousins of the Iraqi ambassador to the UN. Bombings in London are important news, and justifiably so, because they are detestable and committed by anarchistic lunatics; but casual murders of Iraqis are treated as trivial incidents that do not merit reports (never mind condemnation) in the US media. All the Iraqis who have been murdered by US troops just disappear into nothing. It is, as the Apocrypha has it, "as if they had never been born" - except to their bereft and grieving families, naturally. And if their families are not related to an important Iraqi who has been a valuable ally of the United States they don't receive apologies and promises of thorough investigations."
To get the whole story, use the link above.

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