Tuesday, June 14, 2005

What Money Can Buy

For most people, the thought of coming into great wealth generates visions of cars, mansions, boats, jewelry, clothes, vacations and fast living. While each of these things can certainly be bought one hundreds times over, the key thing that wealth allows you to buy is justice.

Over the past several years several big-name athletes as well as Michael Jackson, Robert Blake & OJ Simpson have been found not guilty of serious crimes. Maybe all of them are indeed innocent! Or maybe their innocence is a byproduct of their immense wealth.

I'm NOT suggesting that Jackson, Blake & Simpson simply "got off" because they are rich and famous celebrities. What I AM suggesting is that each was able to afford highly trained, highly experienced and highly skilled legal counsel -- A good defense attorney can poke holes against almost any charge!

Do you think any of the three would have been found not guilty if they had to rely on public defenders?


  1. My husband brought up a related subject yesterday - he said, "Gee, I bet Martha Stewart's p!$$ed."

  2. Martha Stewart has one defining characteristic that differs from Jackson, Simpson & Blake -- She's not a guy! That makes a big difference in a patriarchal society.


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