Sunday, June 5, 2005

A Rumsfeld Moment

For FY 2006, the United States is set to spend over $450 BILLION on the defense budget. This figure represents a tad bit less than 20% of the overall budget. According to Jane's Defence Industry, as of 2003, US military expenditures accounted for "46 per cent of the global total".

China has released its FY 2005 budget. It calls for a 12.6% increase to the astonishing total of...$29.55 billion. Please take notice of the difference in the figures of $450 billion versus $29.55 billion. The latter is less than 7% of the former. This despite the fact that China is both geographically and demographically LARGER than the US.

So, it seems rather strange that we find US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld criticizing China for its decision to increase its military budget. Even more interesting is Rumsfeld's rationale -- China is under no known threat from another COUNTRY.

Well Donnie, the US is under no immediate threat from another country, yet we consistently up our military budget. Yes, we face a terrorist threat, but so does every other country, even China!

Look in the mirror Mr. Rumsfeld. Now you know what a hypocrite looks like.

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