Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A Complete Waste of Time & Money

In yesterday's Statesman Journal, I found a rather ridiculous article. It told of a study which uncovered the startling revelation that people involved in happy relationships tend to enjoy better health than those in unhappy relationships. Gosh, who would have ever guessed?

Why on earth did some group feel this needed to be researched? The article didn't say who funded this glorious study -- I certainly hope it wasn't with taxpayer dollars -- but that's wholly immaterial. Whoever did provide the funding could have just as easily taken their wad of cash and flushed it down the nearest toilet!

The "findings" of this dubious study are readily self-evident. We are creatures made up of mysterious biological AND emotional processes. It shouldn't take a rocket scientist...or a social figure out that a positive frame of mind will improve one's quality of life.

People who are joyous, secure and content don't tend to allow life's pitfalls to derail them. An unhappy person often views life's travails as roadblocks that thwart their objectives whereas the more content person merely sees a challenge or something to step over or around.

This study returns me to a theme I have written of before and will undoubtedly write about again. We humans THINK too much; instead of falling in step with the rest of the universe, we feel a need to over analyze everything. So, rather than simply allowing ourselves to BE happy, we study it. We cut it up it and examine each piece looking for clues.

And by totally dissecting the concept of happiness, we trample upon it.

As Derek Lin wrote in one of the entries below (The Rage Within Us), you can't strive to be or do something for striving negates the experience. We each need to surrender ourselves to the mysterious forces of the universe and, in doing so, we will find that we ARE indeed happy and content.

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