Monday, March 28, 2005

Awash in a Sea of Hypocrisy

I wasn't going to write more on the Schiavo situation, but new information has come to light. I just visited Doug Ireland's blog, Direland. As usual, Ireland seems adept at uncovering crucial information. In his most recent post, "MORE HYPOCRISY: SCHIAVO'S FATHER PULLED THE PLUG ON HIS OWN MOTHER", he exposes the ever-evolving hypocrisy of the Schiavo situation.

Here's an excerpt from what both Ireland and The Raw Story uncovered from a 2003 article in The Guardian,
"But, given the vehemence with which he has been fighting to prolong Terri's life, it is a little surprising to learn that Robert decided to turn off the life-support system for his mother. She was 79 at the time, and had been ill with pneumonia for a week, when her kidneys gave out. "I can remember like yesterday the doctors said she had a good life. I asked, 'If you put her on a ventilator does she have a chance of surviving, of coming out of this thing?'" Robert says. "I was very angry with God because I didn't want to make those decisions."

According to this weekend's Los Angeles Times, Rep. Tom DeLay -- Congressional leader of the "Save Terri" federal legislation -- agreed with his mother to have a feeding tube removed from his dying father. And now we learn that Robert Schindler, father of Terri Schiavo, made a similar decision in regards to his OWN mother.

The "Save Terri" cadre appears to be drowning in their own hypocrisy!

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