Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bit by Bit - Chapter 19, Part 12

Trey Smith

The Invocator of the Ancestors, dressed in his black, square-cut robes, peered into the pigpen and said, "Why should you object to dying? I'm going to fatten you for three months, practice austerities for ten days, fast for three days, spread the white rushes, and lay your shoulders and rump on the carved sacrificial stand - you'll go along with that, won't you? True, if I were planning things from the point of view of a pig, I'd say it would be better to eat chaff and bran and stay right there in the pen. But if I were planning for myself, I'd say that if I could be honored as a high official while I lived, and get to ride in a fine hearse and lie among the feathers and trappings when I died, I'd go along with that. Speaking for the pig, I'd give such a life a flat refusal, but speaking for myself, I'd certainly accept. I wonder why I look at things differently from a pig?"
~ Burton Watson translation ~
Walk a mile in another person's shoes and life looks very different!

Most of us prize our own perspective in a godlike manner. The way we see the world is the way it is. How myopic! It is when we take the time to view life through the eyes of others that we learn compassion, love, humility and virtue.

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