Friday, February 22, 2013

The Tyranny of Ideas

Scott Bradley

Wenzi failed to find harmony and hearing of the teaching of Zhouzi sought him out for instruction. But when Zhouzi said this, Wenzi countered with that, and when he heard that he answered with this. After a few days, Zhouzi said, "When your this is my this and my that is your that, then we will begin to see the light of harmony as an inkling of its dawning. But when you care for neither this nor that, then will that harmony have arisen that need not be spoken. My words are finished; when words no longer define you, return that we might have no-words together."

At this Wenzi began to protest, but then realized that this was but more of the same, and thus sorrowfully departed for the forest where he might discover a world free from the tyranny of ideas. It is not known if he ever returned.

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