Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Manhunt by Drone

Trey Smith

As area police scrambled to locate and apprehend alleged killer Chris Dorner in the wee hours of the morning last Thursday, they ended up shooting Emma Hernandez and Margie Carranza instead. Though both are diminutive Latino women and the pickup they were driving while delivering newspapers was, according to their attorney, “the wrong color and the wrong model,” the police sprayed it with gunfire anyway. Fortunately, neither woman was killed, but both were injured.

As bad as this situation is, imagine how much worse it would have been had their vehicle been attacked by a drone. More than likely, both women would be dead. Representatives of the LAPD would have apologized profusely, but dead is dead!

The day is coming -- I don't believe that it's that far off -- when a police department that is utilizing drone technology will...oops...kill an innocent bystander by mistake. The officers controlling and monitoring the drone will misinterpret some innocent action for something far more sinister and then press the proverbial button. Maybe they will realize instantaneously that they have made a grave error, but it will be too late. From that point on, you can be assured that the police brass will go into full-blown cover-up mode to try to convince the public that the deceased were up to no good.

How can I be so certain of this? That's easy. As Wikileaks showed, this is how our federal government often behaves. If the feds can fool Americans about murderous drone strikes overseas, it stands to reason that local police will follow the same blueprint.

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