Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dancing Your Own Dance

Scott Bradley

There is a passage in the Gospels which has long intrigued me. In answer to his critics, Jesus responds (I paraphrase): "You play a jig and expect me to dance; then you play a dirge and expect me to weep." Or, as Dylan put it, "Everyone wants you to be just like them."

It may very well be that my appreciation of Jesus' refusal to be what others would have him to be is mostly a reflection of my own obstinacy. I have never been particularly amenable to the efforts of others to make me feel or behave in a particular way. If someone tells me to feel a certain emotion, I am likely to be rendered less likely to do so. Toss me a ball, and I may just step out of its way.

These posts are not intended to tell you how to dance; they are simply my dance. It may be the case that I have two left feet, or that I have little sense of rhythm. For this reason, I do not ask you to take my hand and join me in my dance; I would most likely end-up stepping on your toes. Yet I sometimes get the impression that toes feel they are being stepped on. Why is that?

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  1. Toes are being stepped on coz people choose to join you in your dance....thats how some people are...they are curious but cant accept what they find...they search for wisdom that confirms their ideas...we all have done this n still smetimes do it..its reminds me of a quote

    Its not how your treated but how you react that counts...[may not apply in all situations..dnt know but i find it helpful :)]

    thanks for ur posts i really like them...


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