Thursday, August 25, 2011

Here There Was a Barn

Here There Was a Barn
by Scott Bradley

Here there was a barn.
Over there a house.
Where was the dump?

Piece of a charcoal-powered iron.
A shackle, its pin rusted to half the required size.
A mule shoe.

An arrowhead, twice broken
By a miss and then a plow?

Trees once towered here.
My brother shot his first buck just over there.
The fire took it all.

Got to build a pole-barn
Keep the goats out of the snow.
And for you we'll fix the yurt
get you out of that tiny trailer.

The other day I visited a friend who lives rough on a fire ravaged ridge with her goats, sheep, mustangs, dogs and cats. A true mountain-woman. It was her birthday and another friend visited from another ridge. A true mountain-man. He offered me a finger-sized joint, lit up his own, asked why I didn’t ‘grow’, and told me of these hills 50 years ago. Then we poked around with a metal-detector. “Found fortunes with this thing.” Maybe that explains his 250 acre spread. Or maybe it’s the ‘growing’. Or maybe the quartz-gold mine — raw gold, “still attached to Mother Earth”.

Gazing into the past we see the future. The changes seem immense, but Nothing never changes.

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