Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Truth

The Truth
by Scott Bradley

I have decided that it is time for me to tell you the Truth. It is not that I have not already spoken of it, only that I have never identified it as such. You will recognize it when you hear it. It will strike you as so incredibly obvious that you will wonder why you hadn't realized it before (if you have not). It is as clear as the nose on your face. In fact, it is the nose on your face.

The Truth is All That Is Just As It Is. Without qualification. Without amendment. Not as potential. Not as what might be. Not as fulfillment. But always and only what presently IS.

The Truth is already realized in you. It is you. All of you. Truth is already true for and in you.

"But I don't know this." Then not knowing this is Truth in you. Truth is not something to know. It is something to be, something that everything cannot help but be. You cannot escape the Truth. Wherever you go, whatever you are, whatever you do — it is all the Truth.

If I tell you the sky is green, this is the Truth. "But the sky is not green, it's blue." You have mistaken the Truth for facts. The Truth is my telling you the sky is green. Is my ego getting in your way? Then you tell me that the sky is purple. This is the Truth.

Can you sense the other shore? Do you smell the scents of land? Have you seen the birds of earth? It is there, just over the horizon.

To awaken is to consciously be the Truth. Nirvana is Maya. Maya is Nirvana. Reality is one undifferentiated Whole. Nothing separates you from Reality. Reality is you.

I am, of course, just playing at guru here. Thanks for playing along. It'd be nice if I could play along with you.

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