Saturday, March 5, 2011

This Project: Growing a Philosophy of Life

This Project: Growing a Philosophy of Life
by Scott Bradley

This project of mine is to grow a philosophy of life arising out of my own particular experience. In that sense it might be described as an existential endeavor. By this I mean I try not to impose external (essential) truths or beliefs upon it from above. It is not a way of truth, but of personal experience.

If I say there is One Reality, it is because I feel it in my heart, not because I know that it is true.

If I say that ‘All is well’, it is because I feel it and it really feels good, not because I can fit it into some moral philosophy universally applicable to the needs of humanity.

I suspect it could be, but since it is rooted in personal experience, there seems little point in making it a truth to apply from above. Understanding is an experience, not a cognitive grasp.

Now there are those who will certainly object to this way of doing things — people smarter, wiser and more ‘together’ than I — and that’s okay, too. Because, in the end, I don’t believe any of it matters all that much one way or another.

Why? Because all is well.

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  1. Feeling something in the heart is a way of knowing, though. A knowing of the "within" of life, not the objective knowing of the "without."


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