Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bit by Bit - Chapter 11, Part 17

Trey Smith

The common run of men all welcome those who are like themselves and scorn those who differ from themselves. The reason they favor those who are like themselves and do not favor those who are different is that their minds are set on distinguishing themselves from the crowd. But if their minds are set on distinguishing themselves from the crowd, how is this ever going to distinguish them from the crowd? It is better to follow the crowd and be content, for, no matter how much you may know, it can never match the many talents of the crowd combined.
~ Burton Watson translation ~
Personally, I draw a different conclusion than the author. Me thinks the prime reason we favor those like us is because we think so much of ourselves! The manner in which we view the world is the correct way and so we like it when others validate it. It provides our beliefs with a cloak of legitimacy.

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